in pursuit of critical and compassionate living and thought. in surrender to courage & delight of Christ.

For Release: Jury Meeting Meetings. Printed in black and white type.

There’s nothing here for me,
And you’ve got nothing for me either.
And you’re sitting here listening,
pretending like you ain’t also the jury,
one that’s already checked out.

Still out, but Hey Jury,
my time’s already up.
You gave the verdict before you processed the crime
While you were out, I was paying my time.
And time’s up – I’ve got things to do.
My kids are starting to worry
that if you don’t start to hurry,
they too are going to be sitting before you,

And yes, Jury, I know you saw me breaking curfew
Out a little too long in the dark, and you don’t like that,
But I was in a pew,
I was out to pray,
pray for light,
Just like you’ve been prayin the darkness away
Didn’t you see me back there?
I was on my knees,
But maybe, you know, you’ve been out so long
you don’t remember what it feels like
to feel guilty.

Your hands are red as mine are brown,
but you say you’re colour-blind,
so I guess it don’t matter.
We’re all equal – equal before God,
God who made me brown
God who made you white,
Hey, then how’d you get so red anyways?
And why’s it just your hands? Not your face?
Faces get red from blood in your heart
And hands get red from the bleeding of someone else’s.

You okay, Jury?
I..can’t tell if you’re listening anymore.
Its really harsh? Too shrill? Too loud?
Oh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t turn it down
I didn’t know you could hear it
You weren’t moving…

To move means “to go from one position to another”
It’s like growing up and leaving your mother’;
It also means “to propose something”,
It’s like the things you say when you’re really sick of waiting
Which makes it related to its other meaning,
I really shouldn’t be explaining, but anyways,
Its “to be affected by emotion,” “to have passion”
And “to have a goal, and take action”
So, I guess what I’m trying to say, Jury,
And I don’t mean to be giving a sermon,
(Maybe you could? But anyways,)
I’m done serving the term for my “condition”,
These are my terms and conditions.


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