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Migrant Factory

They said I could get a job there,
so I got packed up for the move,
and they put me on the line.

Check one,
identity check
Check two,
quality check
Check three,
quantity check.
Too many on the line.

They said it was a convoy,
I saw only a conveyor belt:
a ‘first’ when I started,
a ‘second’ after a bruise along the way,
a ‘third’ because my colour was off by the time I’d arrived.

They think I’m passive and
so they bind me up in plastic strings,
pin labels,
and stamp their ‘best before dates’ over all my property,
all over me,
before I, and my son,
go bad.

Ready for shipping,
boxed up to
save on delivery.
Vacuum sealed containers;
cold pressed, hard pressed to
save on delivery.

Europe, your delivery is delayed
Europe: this delivery is premature.
Delivery not requested
Unwanted Delivery
Delivery returned
Abort delivery

I am a Migrant,
the world is my Factory.


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