in pursuit of critical and compassionate living and thought. in surrender to courage & delight of Christ.

The Richest. Contemplating the secret life in the Giver.

We always have something to give.

May others think we are rich because they have grown accustomed to how freely we give. “Its nothing,” says the one who is rich in both resource, and the one who is rich in love. “Here, take it now,” says the one whose possessions are many and mean nothing, and the one whose possessions are endless and mean everything.

For it is blessing to be rich, and blessing to be poor; blessing for both to give, and blessing for both to receive. Both will be emptied, both to be filled.

May our world not know which we are. In the secret outpouring of our lives, how can something which is the body of an overflowing well, ever stop flowing from the open parts that are seen? Flow in us, River of Life, flow.

He said both justice, and prosperity would flow like a river;
and wealth would come like a flood.
He said he would wash us and make us clean.
He said he would fill our cups.
He said he was Living Water, and like a River, He comes in us, through us.

May Heavenly resources of loving kindness, grace, mercy, and comfort flow. May these be the tides that also bring along all other resources. Like a flood, may love scrape our walls of the things we think aren’t worth giving, or aren’t enough to give, of the things we forget we have to give, of the things we hold onto because they are precious ornaments or because we do not think we will have enough without them.

For what do we have that was not given?
We do not start our own cycles of breathe, and so keep us breathing.
Neither do we start our own rhythms of hunger, and sleep, and so keep us supplied.
He knows what we need.

May we reflect on our doubts that others can be provided for in their situations, as doubts that we will be provided for. May we pray for others’ provisions in the same prayer of faith and thanks that we too are always provided for. May the same sweater we wore last year be like a robe of righteousness, and the one loaf of bread in our fridge be the symbol of communion well-had. May our times of savings be held in both wisdom and humility, as promise – an inheritance stored up for a future blessing. May we remember our currencies have more value because they operate also in the Heavenly economy here on earth.

May they never know whether we are poor or rich here on earth;
May they forget to ask, and forget if it matters,
for they always saw us richer than any.

May our open palms to the Heavens be known as His way of opening them also to the earth. May our fasting be our feasting.



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