in pursuit of critical and compassionate living and thought. in surrender to courage & delight of Christ.

About the blog

“In pursuit of critical and compassionate living and thought.
In surrender to courage & delight of Christ.”

This blog is about a number of things I find important, and that I think we all are challenged by in everyday life. The purpose and spirit of the writings are about asking hard questions with a critical eye, a charitable posture, and a compassionate answer. Its about navigating everyday grey areas of our times with open hands, and finding sure footing in timeless principles and truth. Its about letting go, grasping, and holding out. Its about intentionally pursuing peace for ourselves and our world with great, awkward, and audacious other-centred courage in the name of a God who gives joy, gladness, purpose, hope, and justice.

Its through and through about celebration. Its about celebrating freedom, hope, and peace. Its about singing over little things and being in awe over big things, and celebrating the God who cares about them both. Its about surrender to the beautiful complexity of life and love and meaning. Its about what we find in common despite our differences. And I thank you dearly for your sharing in the spirit of these writings. May these writings be of encouragement to you, as your life is an encouragement to me. May they spark conversations, and more genuine life between us. I look forward to hearing from you!

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