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Migrant Factory

They said I could get a job there, so I got packed up for the move, and they put me on the line. Check one, identity check Check two, quality … Continue reading

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One day I woke up and found my centre of gravity in a cerebral cloud. Down, down, down in fog. From shadows pierce faces, classifications of missing celebrations, memories mummified … Continue reading

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Myths of Venus: The false dichotomy of women “needing” or “not needing” a man.

This is a post for my fellow femmes, though fellas, it could all apply to you too… I could start this topic off with descriptions and illustrations of my point, … Continue reading

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For Release: Jury Meeting Meetings. Printed in black and white type.

There’s nothing here for me, And you’ve got nothing for me either. And you’re sitting here listening, pretending like you ain’t also the jury, one that’s already checked out. Still … Continue reading

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Mother-tongue Torch. A Reflective Poem About Justice Story-telling.

Mother-tongue Torch A paradox, a trap. Oh justice, make me not a fool. Is a story only as powerful as its privilege? A torch lit long ago, A mother’s crying … Continue reading

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Schooled by Love: A post-post-grad reflection (& thank-you).

I read a lot of books. And this year I’ve read a lot of journal articles and theses and reports. Stacks on stacks of papers. Papers on papers on stacks of papers. Now don’t get me … Continue reading

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In memory and Maranatha.

In a back room somewhere in my heart’s basements, I run my fingers along my darkest scars. They are from a time when I didn’t know where I was. Like dried … Continue reading

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