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Brokenness vs Guilt: Finding God as Love & Giver.

What is the difference between ‘brokenness’ and ‘guilt’? In both we know we have done something wrong. In both there is a profound element of knowing our sinful nature and … Continue reading

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If the future could talk. (For: the worried, and the weary).

You say you look forward to me But you worry, you worry that I will not show that I will not arrive on time that I will not look beautiful … Continue reading

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One day I woke up and found my centre of gravity in a cerebral cloud. Down, down, down in fog. From shadows pierce faces, classifications of missing celebrations, memories mummified … Continue reading

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Just stand up. (Re-post reflections of times in need of strength.)

Today I felt weak. I am okay, but today I felt weak. Today my heart felt heavy and the redness of my frustration with ongoing invisible hurts and health issues … Continue reading

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The faith & requisite of unintelligible prayers.

One of my favourite books of all-time is Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. My favourite scene in the book is when Ender, a prodigé space battle commander in training, … Continue reading

December 15, 2016 · 2 Comments

Patience is more than waiting well.

Patience is more than waiting well. Patience is inseparable from contentment, trust, faith, and prayer. To be patient is ‘to grow in contentment with God’s time’. I have loved Henri … Continue reading

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Psalm 42: Hope & Longing

We think of “thirsting for God” in times of exuberance and delightful devotion. We seem to use it to describe those times in our life when our faith is “on … Continue reading

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