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Migrant Factory

They said I could get a job there, so I got packed up for the move, and they put me on the line. Check one, identity check Check two, quality … Continue reading

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A prayer to start the workday.

“Creator God who sees me, As I start my work, I give it to you. I submit to you the difficulties and problems I will encounter in it, the outcome … Continue reading

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The Life Behind “The Literature.” Or, How Sophisticated Sounding Things Are Actually Made

Anyone who has entered higher education has had the spiritual encounter with the god of academia, “The Literature.” The Literature is to be feared and befriended. When you oppose it, you … Continue reading

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Schooled by Love: A post-post-grad reflection (& thank-you).

I read a lot of books. And this year I’ve read a lot of journal articles and theses and reports. Stacks on stacks of papers. Papers on papers on stacks of papers. Now don’t get me … Continue reading

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Peace & Procrastination

Our world is like a lot of cogs and wheels. Things work when their pieces are at peace with each other. We’re like that too: complex machines of mind-pieces, physical-pieces, … Continue reading

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