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‘The List’: Part 2/2, a super-long “minimum requirements” relationship list.

So, here it is!  Some of the things on this list are very general and obvious (because even these can be forgotten or overlooked!), some may be found directly from … Continue reading

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‘The List’: Part 1/2, on how I ended up with a super-long “minimum requirements” relationship list.

This post is about a very long “minimum requirements” relationship list. Its two-and-a-half pages long, and many more years in the making. Here’s how I ended up with it, and … Continue reading

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He said, she said: Enough already. (Hope for those learning love).

It always seemed unrequited was a requisite for love; that it was two better halves always competing to be better and to have half, be half; ending up half had. … Continue reading

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Myths of Venus: The false dichotomy of women “needing” or “not needing” a man.

This is a post for my fellow femmes, though fellas, it could all apply to you too… I could start this topic off with descriptions and illustrations of my point, … Continue reading

December 29, 2016 · 2 Comments

O Mary, did you know? Reflecting on Jesus’ radicalized welcome to women.

As a kid I wondered why God’s only divine child, sent to live on this earth, was a son, and not a daughter. What difference would it really make, I thought, if … Continue reading

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A Circus of Daughters. (A vision for the next generation).

Daughters, you will live the life of the Circus. Come with your mother and follow my steps, my eyes are on the Ringmaster of the Heavens. My children, here you … Continue reading

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For Release: Jury Meeting Meetings. Printed in black and white type.

There’s nothing here for me, And you’ve got nothing for me either. And you’re sitting here listening, pretending like you ain’t also the jury, one that’s already checked out. Still … Continue reading

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