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If the future could talk. (For: the worried, and the weary).

You say you look forward to me But you worry, you worry that I will not show that I will not arrive on time that I will not look beautiful … Continue reading

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Escaping Comparison

Roosevelt said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Most all of us know from experience that he was right. But how can we escape it? I believe a lot of … Continue reading

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Migrant Factory

They said I could get a job there, so I got packed up for the move, and they put me on the line. Check one, identity check Check two, quality … Continue reading

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One day I woke up and found my centre of gravity in a cerebral cloud. Down, down, down in fog. From shadows pierce faces, classifications of missing celebrations, memories mummified … Continue reading

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Myths of Venus: The false dichotomy of women “needing” or “not needing” a man.

This is a post for my fellow femmes, though fellas, it could all apply to you too… I could start this topic off with descriptions and illustrations of my point, … Continue reading

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Sons of a Broken Home. (A vision for the next generation).

My dearest sons, I will raise you in the Home that was broken for you. May you always know your place here at the Home I did not make you, … Continue reading

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A prayer to start the workday.

“Creator God who sees me, As I start my work, I give it to you. I submit to you the difficulties and problems I will encounter in it, the outcome … Continue reading

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